Qualification Criteria of the DigiLab

  • Conformity with normative requirements
  • Usability
  • Flexibility to adapt to individual processes of medical device and IVD manufacturers
  • Authorization concept
  • Willingness and ability to cooperate
  • Cyber security

About DigiLab

We present the best software solutions objectively and neutrally in the DigiLab. Therefore, there are no costs, fees, premium payments for customer contacts, or resulting sales contracts for the software manufacturers associated with participation in DigiLab.

As soon as a software is included in the DigiLab, it will receive a "DigiLab certified" certificate from us. This certificate underlines that also we as objective consultants are convinced of the software.

DigiLab is a project of Metecon GmbH in Mannheim. With more than 50 employees and more than 20 years, we have been supporting manufacturers of medical devices and IVDs in the documentation, approval, and market monitoring of their products.

Since 2019, Metecon DigiLab has been testing software solutions for their suitability for regulatory affairs processes; With us, you save your effort for market research and demo versions. Metecon's entire expertise is at your disposal to ensure the speedy success of your project.
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