We connect regulatory affairs processes with the right software tools

There are plenty of good RA Software out there, but the demand for them is still low. The reason: RA software providers have to bring enormous technical know-how to understand the complex process of medical device manufacturers and on the manufacturer side, the RA managers rarely have extensive IT knowledge. The result: communication problems and the uneasy feeling on the part of the manufacturer that a large project is on shaky ground right from the start.

This is where we come into the picture - with Metecon-DigiLab.

DigiLab? Let's Discover!

Your way to digitized regulatory affairs workflows is clear, we have done the groundwork: the basic requirements
for RA software have been defined, available software solutions have been analyzed and objectively evaluated.
The result: a pool of suitable software from which you can now select your tool(s).

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DigiLab closes know-how gaps in the digitization process

Metecon's new DigiLab brings medical device manufacturers and software providers together, as the DigiLab team, we transform manufacturers' regulatory requirements into Providers' technical solutions. For clarity and speed on both sides, for fast and reliable digitization of regulatory affairs processes.

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Benefits for Medical Device Manufacturers
Based on extensive market analysis

Large, constantly growing selection of software solutions

Independent, fully guided selection process

Testing and workflow development under realistic conditions

Benefits for Software Providers
Clear and targeted communication with customers

Shorter solution finding process for implementation

Reduced effort for creating demos and test scenarios

Common, simplified validation oriented to customer specification

The right data in the right place at the right time.

Nothing more - and nothing less - is the result of digitized processes.

Alexander Fink, CEO Metecon GmbH

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